Lancashire art and craft 2017

This Easter, we had hoped to be back for another of our pop-up art and craft events at Barton Grange Garden Centre, but sadly this year the room hire fee has doubled, which is disappointing for us all, as its been such a lovely venue. I hope that they will decide to run their own art and craft fairs in the future as there are so many Lancashire makers out there looking for decent venues for their work.

It was a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for me, although it involved quite a lot of work too, with organising the events, the website and other marketing, especially as I wasn’t being paid to do it.

My motivation was primarily to do an annual group event together with my neighbouring studios, other makers I knew from the Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire and some guest artists, specifically at Barton Grange Garden Centre, as I had taken part in many events and exhibitions there over the years and have found it to be a pretty good venue.

Its easy to get to, with it being located on the A6 just 10 minutes from the M6 motorway, it also has ample free parking, a great cafe and many shops.

There were downsides too though. The room could only fit about 9 of us (ideal for a small group though) and its a bit hidden at the back of the store, there also wasn’t any natural light in the room and we couldn’t eat or drink at our stalls. Although there’s quite a lot of visitors coming from the Garden Centre to see what’s on in the room and browse, only a small number of them are actually interested in buying locally handmade arts and crafts.

“It was lovely to overhear some of the visitors, saying what a beautiful selection and standard of work we had on display.”

  • are there any other potential venues out there for us?
  • perhaps a local business, that wants to support their local Lancashire artists, designer-makers, crafters and makers will want to help us?
  • a small group of us could do a lunchtime, afternoon or evening pop-up event at your workplace, school, meeting, etc

Hopefully new opportunities will arise / present themselves for us to do further small group pop-up events together in 2017. I always believe that as one door closes, another will open!

In the meantime, there will be a monthly blog post featuring a Lancashire artist/maker.

A great showcase and beautiful displays of locally made art and craft, Samantha Rowena, jewellery artist x

November 2016 pop-up event

A selection of photos from our Handmade in Lancashire pop-up at Barton Grange Garden Centre at the beginning of November 2016.
We brought our arts and crafts out to the public and even though many of the visitors were there for a day out – visiting the bedazzling Christmas decorations and lunch – some of them discovered us and appreciated seeing our work.

We received some lovely feedback and compliments for our handmade art, craft and displays, even better some of our work went off to new homes with visitors buying a handmade gift either for themselves or for Christmas presents.

We still managed to have some visitors to our pop-up event despite some problems; what with the roadworks on the main route and getting stuck in traffic jams on the motorway which added to our journey time getting there and back. Plus, some people weren’t able to come and visit us with the pop-up event being on during school half-term and midweek.

A bonus for us doing the event though, was that we were able to chat to visitors about what we make – share a bit of our passion for what we do – and have a catch up with each other too.

There was a lot of work organising it, but I’m really proud that we were able to hold a great showcase with some beautiful displays of our locally made art and craft. Hopefully, we’ll have another opportunity to do it again next year, Samantha, jewellery artist x

Note: I only brought my camera in one of the days, so didn’t manage to take photos of everyone’s work and the artists joining us on the last day.

Made It – more favourite makes

Some more of our makers and their favourite makes. Most of us have our favourite make, the thing that we enjoy creating more than anything else… read on to find out.

Lily Batteson artist
“Painting my cows is my favourite thing to do. Boy or girl? Light or dark colour coat? I always find that once I have painted the eyes the personality of the cow really begins to show though. They always say the eyes are the window to the soul..”

Lily Batteson Artist
Lily Batteson

Bill Poole woodturner
“My favorite thing to make are my wood-turned earring stands. I enjoy the challenge to get them the right shape. Once they are made they show up the grain of the wood nicely, as each piece of wood is unique and has a different grain.”

Brenda Fee Porcelain
Brenda Fee Porcelain

Brenda Fee Porcelain
“Asymmetry is evident in my work, and is central to my design aesthetic. I use porcelain which is left unglazed, high fired, and finished through the process of polishing to give smooth surfaces.  I can’t say there is one piece in particular I enjoy making, but I do aspire to making pieces which are sculptural and functional, provide sensory experiences for the viewer, and that the finished piece conveys a sense of calm'”

Come along, meet and chat to us and have the opportunity to see and buy some of our work at our Handmade in Lancashire, arts and crafts winter event at Barton Grange Garden Centre this 2-4 November.

Made It – our favourite makes

Most of us have our favourite make, the thing that we enjoy creating more than anything else… read on to find out.

Josephine Gornall, Phinefibre
“My favourite make is to just enjoy experimenting with different mediums and colours and seeing what can be created…”

jewelart spiral-squiggle copper design
jewelart – spiral-squiggle fused glass pendant – venus copper collection

Samantha Taylor, jewelart
“I love making many types of jewellery, but my favourite material has to be copper wire. Its an ancient metal, with many healing qualities and I feel a synergy, a connection with the copper when I’m working with it. I use a variety of different types of copper wire, from enamelled and non-tarnish copper which retains its colour and sheen, to bare copper which darkens with age and has a beautiful luster when buffed up.
Of all the wirework designs I make, my favourite is my ‘spiral-squiggles’, abstract timeless shapes that are inspired by ancient symbols. I enjoy becoming engrossed in the process of manipulating the wire by hand and adding beautiful gemstones, pearls and crystals or my sparkly handmade glass to create these unique sculptural jewelart jewellery designs.”

Alexis Valentine, Walking On Glass
“My favourite way to engrave using the hand drill is deep intaglio engraving, it looks 3d so really pops out from the glass!”
Note from
Engraved or incised work where the design is sunk into the surface is called intaglio, and is the opposite of cameo, where the design is in relief. Intaglio designs are made on gemstones, glass, ceramics, stone, or similar material.

fabulous glass robins
gorgeous glass robins by the Glass Boutique
Lynda Drummond, The Glass Boutique
“I am delighted to be with Handmade in Lancashire at Barton Grange Garden Centre, especially in the run up to Christmas, as we do love a bit of sparkle here at the Glass Boutique.
So what is my favourite thing that I make, at this time of year it has to be the glass robins, they look so pretty hung up and are perfect for gifts and keepsakes. Each one is different and I must confess that I do have my favourites.”
Come along, meet and chat to us and have the opportunity to see and buy some of our work at our Handmade in Lancashire, arts and crafts winter event at Barton Grange Garden Centre this 2-4 November.

our new leaflets


Hurray, the leaflets for our November 2016 event at Barton Grange Garden Centre have arrived back from the printers and they are looking fab!

It was worth spending some time on their design to get the look right, which makes them something to be proud of and be pleased to display. The artist photos are great – bright and colourful – and showcase some of the different types of work there’ll be at the event.

They’re now on their way out to everyone taking part, Lancashire Tourist Info offices and other display boards.

leaflets organised and designed by Samantha, jewellery artist