Made It – more favourite makes

Some more of our makers and their favourite makes. Most of us have our favourite make, the thing that we enjoy creating more than anything else… read on to find out.

Lily Batteson artist
“Painting my cows is my favourite thing to do. Boy or girl? Light or dark colour coat? I always find that once I have painted the eyes the personality of the cow really begins to show though. They always say the eyes are the window to the soul..”

Lily Batteson Artist
Lily Batteson

Bill Poole woodturner
“My favorite thing to make are my wood-turned earring stands. I enjoy the challenge to get them the right shape. Once they are made they show up the grain of the wood nicely, as each piece of wood is unique and has a different grain.”

Brenda Fee Porcelain
Brenda Fee Porcelain

Brenda Fee Porcelain
“Asymmetry is evident in my work, and is central to my design aesthetic. I use porcelain which is left unglazed, high fired, and finished through the process of polishing to give smooth surfaces.  I can’t say there is one piece in particular I enjoy making, but I do aspire to making pieces which are sculptural and functional, provide sensory experiences for the viewer, and that the finished piece conveys a sense of calm'”

Come along, meet and chat to us and have the opportunity to see and buy some of our work at our Handmade in Lancashire, arts and crafts winter event at Barton Grange Garden Centre this 2-4 November.